Universal Theater Design

In recent news, New York Times released an article saying that New York is granting local theaters money to accommodate people with disabilities. This grant allows smaller theaters to have a special software that provides certain voice recognitions, audio descriptions, or special captions for the productions. This allows people with all types of disabilities to attend arts and discover them without a struggle or difficulty in understanding.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 10.32.13 PM.png

In class we have discussed how a universal design would be beneficial and how it could make certain life tasks easier and more manageable for those with disabilities. An example would be in The Curious Incident, when it was hard for Christopher to manage the train station. What we consider a fairly simple obstacle could be quite difficult for others. With these grants it would be less environmentally disabling to these people with the special software they are receiving. It allows people to experience things they never thought would happen.


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