Game Of Thrones-Metaphysical Model

Games of Thrones (GOT) has been one of the most popular TV shows over the past couple years. In the show there is a character named Tyrion Lannister, he is played by Peter Dinklage, who is a little person. Tyrion is considered a “dwarf” or a “half man” in the series. Many of the other characters refer to him as these names and considered it to be a disability.

In this show the characters believe that Tyrion deserved to be born the way that he was. In class, we talked about the metaphysical model. The metaphysical model is that a disability was given to a person from a supernatural power as a punishment. Other characters such as his own evil sister, Cersei, tell Tyrion that he has been punished by a supernatural power and that because he has this disability, he is evil. We also talked about how disabilities can be related to evil in works. In this case, Tyrion is looked at by the public and many characters as having an evil heart and mind. In reality he is one of the best and genuine characters deep down. It is not until he gets away from his evil sister and family where he starts to show more of this genuine side.


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